среда, 2 октября 2013 г.

Тюремный дневник: 2 октября 2013

10 лет, 7 месяцев и 6 дней со дня ареста 
тюрьма MDC Brooklyn, East Side, Нью-Йорк 
автор: Роман Вега 

Carl Gustav Jung "Memories, Dreams, Reflections": "Hitherto I had encountered only the brick wall of traditional views, but now I came up against the steel of people's prejudice and their utter incapacity to admit unconventional possibilities."


"Everybody loves a good story, but few people like being asked to think. Even clever people are inclined to react to original ideas with indifference or hostility."
Colin Wilson "Supernatural"


"Скудоумье народ превращает в послушное стадо,
а людей, не желающих мыслить – в ничтожных рабов."

– стихотворение Константина Фролова, прочитанное Алеексеем Петренко на торжественной церемонии открытия конкурса "Книги года" в театре "Новая опера".


Из "The Way of the Bull" by Leo Buscaglia:

Onomito: "It will take you some time to integrate what you have learned here with your life. Your coup is full to the brim with Western ideas. Perhaps you are now more ready and less frightened to pour out a bit and make a place for new ways."

Onomito: "Pattern your life after the giant bamboo. The exterior, though smooth and lovely to the touch, is tough and resistant to the sword. Within, it is soft, pliable, with much empty space for continued growth. It grows neatly and ordered, never cluttered. Alone, it rises tall and straight, always upward to the sky. There, it spreads its beauty to the sun. It leans on nothing. It makes its own way, perhaps near others, a part of others, but very much dependent upon its own strength and force. So pattern your life."
Somehow farewells in Japan were never the same as those in any other place in Asia. There was always, of course, the nostalgia of parting with a friend; however beyond that there was a feeling that the person was not holding onto you, that he had enjoyed you, learned from you, perhaps shared some ideas with you, and that now he was quite ready, if it was to be, to let you go on to others.

"It's very difficult to fight the system. It's usually run by people who fear the new and hold to the security of the old."

"I would like to shove our people out of their dormant state. But we find that to wake someone who has been asleep in the cool shadows for so long is not easy."


David Wilcock "The Source Field Investigations":

"We have a strong suggestion that a burst of energy from the Sun can slow down time. The earth then rotates more slowly – though no one seems to understand why. This may also create stress in the human mind, by disrupting the electrical activity in our synapses – the level of coherence in our minds. This shock to the brain could lead to an increase in violence, war and unrest."

Что ж, все по Чижевскому, только, похоже, обнаружена более глубинная причина - изменение скорости течения времени во время вспышек на Солнце. Ну, а то, что срываются в первую очередь те, у кого с "coherence" и так было негусто, тоже понятно.


сайт The Crop Circle Connector Web


"You will not feel the chaos in the world if there is no chaos within you." Stacey Mayo


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